How To Make Money On Pinterest in 2019 (For Beginners)

How To Make Money On Pinterest in 2019 (For Beginners)

So you want to learn how to make money on Pinterest? Well, who doesn’t like to earn big bucks and make large amounts of money and that too if it is coming through relatively easier and convenient means? Life has taken a faster route over the past two decades. As much as we have advanced on technological and digital grounds for the betterment of human life, the price of everything, every commodity, every service, and the facility has spiked too. There is a price tag associated with everything. One really needs to work hard and work smart to be able to reach that price tag. It was also my passion and determination to make it big in life and to achieve a lifestyle that can be supported by bigger pockets. After going through a lot of options and ways, what I concluded was that utilizing social media as a platform to portray my talent, creativity, and passion was the best possible option out of all those available.


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Social media is a massive platform with billions of followers and participants. People from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, expertise and knowledge are present on a single platform and what can be better to attract the attention of billions of people through a single medium.

Nowadays all applications and channels of social media have numerous bloggers, influencers and celebrities who made it big through their struggle and creativity and most importantly through the intelligent use of SOCIAL MEDIA. Be it Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or twitter; every platform has been utilized by multiple people in portraying their thoughts and actions, services and talents, products and specialties to gain the attraction of masses and most importantly to gain maximum value and in turn earn considerable amounts of money.

What I concluded after my research as well as analysis of social media as an earning platform and medium was that although every social media or social networking application provides a significant opportunity to all those utilizing it wisely and constructively to earn money and fill their pockets, Pinterest is the single most underrated and comparatively less used medium of social media.

Partially because of the fact that people don’t know much about it and partially because of the fact that they find it hard to navigate through it let alone thinking about making money through Pinterest. What if I told you that thinking about making money through Pinterest is the wisest choice and decision you have ever decided to make? What if I told you that making money through Pinterest is smart work rather than hard work. All you need to get started on to fill your pockets through Pinterest is to research, decide, be smart and informed, be dedicated and motivated and after that there is absolutely no one stopping you from making it big, bigger, biggest!

When I tell you that you will be able to earn money through Pinterest, I am not talking about a few hundred dollars or more but I am telling you that if you play smart, Pinterest can help you earn 5 figures monthly or even more. Yes, that absolutely true!

As fictional and all fairy these claims may seem to you, they are true and I know it because I have been able to make this big a money through running my blog on Pinterest and taking it further smartly and offering my followers and users of Pinterest exactly what they demand or prefer to see. Let’s admit it, how much we all need that extra money to make our dreams come true. Dreams that might be as little as the perfect lounge chair (that you have been saving up for) or that dream vacation (that has been on your bucket list since forever) or as big as the perfect house or the perfect car and what not!

Tempted, right! I was too when I got to know how beneficial and advantageous Pinterest can be in helping me make the money of my dreams and doing all that I have ever wanted to accomplish. So what’s stopping you from realizing your dreams and becoming one step closer to achieving all that in life that you have always longed for! Let me help you in explaining what exactly is Pinterest, how do we go about it, how do we use it to earn money and not just plain money I mean BIG MONEY?

You need to set up a blog!

The first and foremost step in the world of Pinterest is to make a blog. What is a blog, you may ask? A blog in the most basic and layman terms is your personal space and portfolio that you present in front of your followers and readers. A blog is a place where they get to know you. Who are you, what do you do, what do you offer and what is it that is unique about you and makes you stand out from the rest of the world?

It the channel through which you talk to your followers and connect them and to put it out there, the more views and visits you get on your blog, the more money you make. So let me guide you through the steps and procedure of setting up a blog, making it appealing and attracting the maximum amount of traffic, so it helps you earn your first money with Pinterest.

  • In order to make a blog, you need to own a domain name and acquire hosting services for your domain. The domain is basically your space on the internet (e.g. and for people to be able to view your space on the internet you need an entity that will provide Webhosting services. Most common and successful are the blogs created on WordPress using the Bluehost as the hosting service provider. If you don’t own a domain name and wish to set up a blog, the easiest option is to get one through Bluehost; where you can get a free domain name (in case you don’t have one already) and best packages for web hosting. Bluehost enables you to set up your own domain (buy one or link an already existent domain to your Bluehost account) and get started on blogging. Once you have created your blog through Bluehost; set up a domain, linked it with Bluehost hosting and configured the WordPress blog, you are halfway there.
  • After the creation of your blog with Bluehost, you need to focus on making that blog appealing, convincing, eye-catching and valuable. How you can do that is not that difficult to understand. What you need to comprehend is that people get attracted to quality content and original work. You need to offer something that is unique, original, and relatable while depicting who you are. Your followers or people you want to follow you will never be able to connect with someone who is superficial, artificial and superlative. The only successful way to get your blog reach out to a maximum number of people is to create content for your blog that focuses on your niche and key area. That provides insight into your work, ideology, and technique. The best solution is to prepare 5-10 well written and relatable articles related to your blog and niche for people to come, read and associate.
  • If you still have queries regarding how to start a blog on WordPress, this link will get you sorted. When you have set up your WordPress blog with Bluehost, configured your blog and created good quality and focused content for your blog, you have successfully completed more than half of your work. But you need to remember that the content and articles you prepare for your blog must be written in a way that gives a complete picture of your personality, your specialty, your inspiration, your passion, and your work. The better you put yourself out there, the better are the chances of people connecting with you, following you and look forward to your content and work and that means more visits, more hits, and more MONEY!
You need to set up a Pinterest account!

The next step is for you to make a Pinterest account where you can link up the WordPress blog that you configured using Bluehost as the hosting companion. Pinterest is a very renowned and commonly used social media application where you create online pin boards (just like the physical ones you have in your office) where you pin everything and anything that you like, want to remember, value or just because you would like to return to that post, idea or action sometime later.

Similar is the case with virtual pin boards that you create, follow and share using Pinterest. People from all around the globe use Pinterest to gather ideas and tricks, pin them on their boards in order to remember them, share them and even provide some ideas from their end as well. Everyone owns various pin boards and fills them up according to their choice, taste, and preference.

Once you join Pinterest, the application offers you the option to set up either a personal account or a business account. The option of setting up a business account is fairly new and offers an even wider range of business options and convenience patterns for you to capitalize and earn MONEY. How to set up a Pinterest account is fairly easy and simple. You log on to the website, provide the credentials and fill up the requisite information and set up a Pinterest account. To make it simple for you, here is a brief summary of how you are supposed to set up a Pinterest account:

  1. Sign in to the Pinterest website; provide your true credentials and information.
  2. Choose between a personal account and a business account (free of cost).
  3. Since we are focusing on how to earn money using Pinterest; we will choose the business account option.
  4. Configure your business account.
  5. Connect your account with your business webpage/profile/portfolio.
  6. Connect your account with your WordPress blog.

If you aim to make it big with Pinterest and earn money, you need to be clear and focused on what is it that you want to sell in order to gain followers, viewership and maximum visits. If you will carry on with a vague and abstract picture of what exactly you want to do, you will never be able to reach the maximum potential of yourself and this platform. Consider for example your passion for let’s say fitness.

Then you need to focus on this niche and try to grab the attention of people and age groups interested in being fit and looking for ideas and methods to adopt a fitter and healthier lifestyle. You will be able to connect with the audience only when you will be targeting the correct audience; people interested in skincare routine will never get attracted to your fitness mantra or cooking tricks. You get the brief, don’t you? So, focus on a targeted group and an exclusive niche, write about that niche, research, come up with unique content and grab attention to gain followers.

You need to get started with your Pinterest account!

Once you have your blog sorted, the content of the blog sorted and have it linked with your Pinterest account, you then need to make your Pinterest account visible, reachable, compelling and inviting. Because on Pinterest, your account and your pin boards are the only way you can interact, connect and relate to the other people using Pinterest. So first and foremost, let me tell you how you can create boards and pins on Pinterest, join multiple boards together and be a part of various groups.

  • How to create boards on Pinterest? Just as I told you earlier, similar to how you have physical pin boards in the office and everyone in the office has their own respective pin boards, all the users of Pinterest can have boards and can pin any image or video on them. What they want to pin is also flexible; be it a new image, be it a pin already existent on a board or be it an image you wish to import from an external online location, all is possible. In case you intend to make a new board always remember that the boards you create must be true and unique to your brand and should focus on your genre instead of random boards that fail to depict who you are and what do you offer. To create a fresh board on your Pinterest account, follow these steps:
  1. Your Pinterest board will have an Add+ option on the top right corner. Once you click on that option, you will be presented with three options: add a pin, upload a pin or create a board. Obviously, you need to click on “create a board” option. Once you do that you will see a pop op box to create a board.
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You need to fill up this form but always remember to choose the terms and description that is easy to understand, relatable and SEO optimized. Let me walk you through it; the name of your board should be specific not generic and it should clearly tell the reader or the person viewing the board that it focuses on this item. Next, add a description that explains what your board is all about, it should give a comprehensive insight to what is your business, what is your specialty and what do you offer?

I repeat, it should not be vague! Use keywords in the description box so that it has higher chances to show in the search engine and more and more people can view it, visit it and remember it. Another very important key to remember while adding the description of your box is to add the mystery element. You want to get the reader curious, curious to know more and to visit your page/profile/blog.

After that, choose a category. Again, try to be specific, clear and target your audience. People don’t have time to visit each board and view its contents especially when so many other options are available to choose from with better descriptions and details. Make yourself unique, make your brand stand out and win the competition.

A very important feature regarding the creation of boards is specifying who can pin on your board. Take it as a personal board in the CEO’s office or a public board in a company’s board room where the CEO decides who can pin and who cannot.

Similarly, when you create your own board you can either place it in the CEO’s office or only pin on it yourself or you can place it in the company’s board room and invite people to come and pin on the board depending upon their requirements and preference. You get the idea, right! After you have specified all the details, click on create a board and voila, you have a board. But it is sad, empty and vacant so what are you waiting for? Go and start pining. Now you may ask, how do I do that, don’t worry I am going to tell you exactly how!

  • How to create pins on Pinterest? Pins are basically ideas that exist on Pinterest and people can search for them, view them and save them. They can view them by clicking on the pins that might redirect them to the website. If that website belongs to you, congrats. You have redirected traffic on your web page. But that’s not what we are discussing here; we are talking about how to create these pins. Just follow these steps:
Is making money on Pinterest even possible? It is MORE than possible! Making money on Pinterest was never easier then right now. Want to learn how to make money on Pinterest? If you really do then click the pin and read my step-by-step article on how to make money on Pinterest. You can turn Pinterest in your side hustle or even make a full-time income. Now is the right time to start! #howtomakemoneyonpinterest #howtomakemoney
  1. On your Pinterest account, click on the Add+ option on the top right.
  2. Choose the “Create Pin” option.
  3. Add an image to create a pin.
  4. Browse through your system and select the image.
  5. Give a suitable title, description, and URL to that image.
  6. You can use multiple additional options to modify the pins such as: crop them, add text, logo, design or color.
  7. Remember your image/pins are what attract the audience besides the catchy, SEO optimized title and description so be careful in what you pin and how you pin it.
  8. When you are done, choose from the drop-down menu and select the board you want to pin the image to or create a new board.
  9. In the end, click “Publish” and you are done.

You can also join multiple boards on Pinterest and combine them into one. The newly created board will have multiple sections but under one board title. Moreover, you can also join group boards. Group boards are collaborative boards that are invitation only. The owner of the board can allow and invite people of his choice to be a contributor and pin on his boards. You can also join group boards if you get an invitation through one of the contributors.

What’s great about joining group boards is that you can a boost in the number of re-pins, which is the ultimate goal after all. Consider an example there is a group board on Pinterest by the name of, “Blogging, Marketing and Social Media” that has 12 contributors, 714 pins but 237, 879 followers. Imagine you get to be a contributor of this board and once you pin, such a large amount of followers will view your pin and can visit your page irrespective of the fact that your pin was your own or a shared pin, every visit will count as a re-pin and according to the algorithm of Pinterest, the more the number of re-pins, the greater is your value and chances to appear on the feed.

How Tailwind helps you become visible!

Tailwind is an online application that provides scheduling and marketing services specifically for Pinterest and Instagram. Talking about Pinterest in this context, tailwind is a lifesaver and can serve you in order to schedule pins and become power pinners. I will be completely honest with you here and admit that I have been using Tailwind for my blogging needs and man have I seen a difference or what. Using tailwind allows you to be on top of your blogging and business game on Pinterest and offers you the following benefits.

  1. Scheduling Pins. Since Pinterest is a global platform, people from all over the world use and enjoy it. If I were to share a new pin according to my time zone only, I might or definitely miss the peak activity hours of another time zone. To overcome this issue, tailwind allows you to schedule your posts in advance and your pin will be automatically posted at the set time and date. Doing do will gain maximum viewership, grow your followers and increase the traffic back to your blog/page; that what’s you wanted in the first place. To avail this feature, you need to get the browser extension and then you are good to go. The extension is easily available with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  2. The Smart Calendar. This feature of tailwind application gives you the knowledge and insight regarding the best time to pin. The statistics and data shows that the right time to pin for each board, category and audience is different and the smart calendar can do the maths for you and tell you exactly when you should pin. Isn’t it great! It also provides the calendar grid which is the visual representation of your scheduled posts on the optimal timings. You can drag and drop posts in different time slots, change any pin from auto-queue to custom time and can also shuffle them all.
  3. Schedule multiple pins at a single time. Imagine you have 10 imagines and pin at different times and you have to do it manually. Tailwind cuts the hassle calculates the best timings for your pins and allows you to schedule multiple pins to be posted at the most appropriate time and date. Another great feature of Tailwind is to allow you to post a single pin on multiple locations after a set time interval. That time interval can be anywhere between 10 minutes to 90 days. Chose what suits you best and pin a single image on multiple boards, win-win!
  4. It provides you detailed analytics. This is the best feature of tailwind application. Just like your Pinterest account has analytics; tailwind offers you its set of analytics such as what pins and boards of yours are performing the best, how many followers are you gaining and also provides information regarding which pins are doing the best on which board. It also gives you a weekly summary of total pins, re-pins, total followers and boards that were re-pinned the most. Most importantly, it provides you with an engagement score that explains the connection level your followers have with the content you are sharing, which pin and board are getting the maximum attention and what you can do to improve the engagement score and rate.

In short, investing in Tailwind offers you a strategic plan for your Pinterest marketing and saves you a lot of time. It doesn’t guarantee that every pin will go viral, but it will definitely increase the average rate of your pin performance that will ultimately lead to a better rate of traffic and followers. By providing you an insight of when and how you can maximize your reach, you actually get to connect with a maximum number of people and mend your strategy and plan as per the analytics result that can boost your engagement by a massive degree.

Now make some MONEY!

Now that you have done all the above-mentioned steps, you are ready to roll. Make money using your Pinterest account, blog and web page. But how exactly, once you make an account and create boards and start pinning on to your board and different group boards, you start getting visible and get recognition. You start appearing on people’s feed and the algorithm of Pinterest starts showing you on “Pins you may like” section. But how do you get to that section, simple, by gaining and gathering lots and lots of re-pins?

When you target an audience, prepare content for them, pins images for them, share top rated pins for them; they relate in return, re-pin your pins that increases your re-pin count. The greater the re-pin count, the more value Pinterest associates with your account and shows them in the feed which ultimately increases your reach, page visits, and blog traffic. The greater the blog traffic, the greater the money you earn. You can earn up to 6 dollars for every 1000 views with Google AdSense or Mediavine on your blog. Amazing, I know!

How to make money on Pinterest with Adsense:

This is basically a program owned and run by the search engine giant Google and provides you ads to display on your blog and webpage and have you keep a cut of the total amount of money earned. Once you sign up with Google, it provides a Javascript that u embed with your blog and then Google displays ads on your space and related to your content.

How to make money on Pinterest with affiliate offers:

Another great way to earn money is by introducing affiliate links on your boards and blog. You can partner up with different brands that want to sell their products and include their pins on your boards and articles. When you help them sale, you get the commission too. This is also known as “affiliate marketing” and helps you earn through affiliate links. To help you learn more about it, there is “The Super Affiliate System”, that offers:

  1. This course is perfect for beginners and new influencers who want to make it big in the world of affiliate marketing and improve their income. This course is a lifesaver if you have always been scared of affiliate marketing. It gives complete knowledge of what is affiliate marketing, how it will help you earn money, what products to choose and how to increase engagement without appearing to force links on your blog and helps you learn tricks and strategies to promote affiliate links on Pinterest. Yes, that’s true! I think this course is a must for all those trying to learn affiliate marketing.

Lastly, you can also make money through Pinterest if you don’t own a blog and that is through affiliate marketing. You need to join affiliate programs, sell products, create attractive and pin-able images, make sure your content is SEO optimized and you join group boards. Stay motivated and stay at it, try your luck and make it big. If you still have questions and queries regarding how to navigate through Pinterest and earn money, you can enroll yourself in the “Making Pinterest Possible” course and learn from the professionals. This course provides you a complete guide to how you can make your dreams of earning come true, through the use of Pinterest.


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