ClickBank: How Do Affiliate Marketers Make So Much Money?

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ClickBank affiliate concept is so easy, sell other people’s products and get your commissions almost about 70%, in just three major steps:


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ClickBank Concept:

1- Register to ClickBank (it’s free)

2- Pick up a product in the marketplace area, with your link

4- Promote your link.

5- Get your commission


That’s looks simple, but behind the scene, there is a lot of hard work to do:

1- How to choose a profitable niche and product to promote

2- How to promote the product, facebook and google, and a lot of other traffic sources, don’t like affiliate links, they will ban your account immediately.

3- The best traffic source that works well, is Solo Ads, but where can you buy this kind of traffic, and how to verify that real traffic, not just a junk robot clicks.

4- Create squeeze pages to capture the leads

5- Setup an autoresponder with, and create a long email swipes to follow up with you leads

6- Know your numbers: you should track everything: clicks, squeeze pages, emails.


But not be scary, there are a lot of done for you systems doing all that staff automatically or with outsourcing or mentoring.

The easiest one I found, even with no techie skills, it’s 12 Minutes Affiliate System, you can set up the system in few minutes: you need just to choose a niche: home business, health or personal development, add your Aweber autoresponder key, and your system ready to run, 80 swipes email already installed in your autoresponder automatically, 10 funnels already online with your ClickBank ID.

They offer even a done for you traffic, just choose how many clicks you need, then wait leads coming to your autoresponder who will do the job for you by sending emails every day promoting your offers.

But honestly, their done for you traffic still not complete:

1- You don’t know when the traffic will start and when it will end, they said about 7–14 days

2- You can’t track how many clicks are delivered,

Case Study:

I bought 100 clicks, I got 5 leads after 3 days from my order, I have no idea, is it that all or they will send more next days!

But you can always use this done for you system with other Solo sellers.

So I search for alternatives and I choose 3 sources:

1- One seller from very known Forum having the biggest number of threads and reviews.

2- One seller from Udimi having a very good rating

3- Traffic4Me, who is the first Solo Ads broker.

I sent them the same link to the same squeeze page, and did:

1- Setup my tracker, I’m using RedTrakc, very easy and user-friendly, you can track even page views and conversions, by default integrated with ClickBank.

2- Add real-time mail verification, Neverbounce, to filter junk and bounce emails to come to my autoresponder, which will impact the deliverability.

And those are results of my test:

1- Seller from the known Forum:

I order 150 clicks (100$), he delivered 255 clicks, but just 94 landed to my landing page, 46 opt-in and 0 conversions:

Seller from Warrior Forum result by GEO
Seller from the Forum result by GEO

I checked deeper in his traffic, and that what junk traffic looks like, 55 clicks from one IP without any landing page view!! and a lot of others clicks similar from IPs having the same class (34…, 54….)

Seller from Warrior Forum result by IP
Seller from the Forum result by IP

2- Seller from Udimi:

I order 164 clicks (100$), he delivered 190 clicks, 178 landed to my landing page, 105 opt-in, and 2 conversions:

Seller from Udimi result by GEO
Seller from Udimi result by GEO

These stats much almost with Udimi report:

 Udimi Report
Udimi Report

3- Traffic4Me:

I ordered 200 clicks (194$), they delivered 230, 255 landed to my page, 78 opt-in and 2 conversions, their traffic very clean:

Traffic4Me Result by GEO
Traffic4Me Result by GEO

The same, this much with their report:

Traffic4Me Report
Traffic4Me Report

As results, Udimi seller’s is the best, about 1$ a lead, T4M has good quality but the price is higher with 2.5 a lead, the worst one is the guy from the known forum, 70% of junk traffic with no report from his side to much with.

Lessons, don’t believe everything said about any source traffic, take a small budget and test, all you need is set up your tracker and tell to the seller that you’re using clicks and page views tracker, real-time verification, then choose the right one.

What Next:

Not finished yet, I should track the quality of leads for each source, and that what 12 Minutes Affiliate System will follow up with emails swipes.

Also I will test more other sellers from Udimi and or others Solo agencies like IgorSoloAds

If you just started your online business, this article can help you: How To Start Affiliate Marketing With <Zero Budget For Beginners

If you want any other detail, just comment on this post and I’ll be glad to share you my case studies.