How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Zero Budget For Beginners

How To Build a CPA Affiliate Marketing
How To Build a CPA Affiliate Marketing

How To Start Affiliate Marketing?

In this video I’m showing some ideas how to start an affiliate marketing for free with zero budget.


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Doesn’t mean you’ll make money or earn your life with zero budget, an affiliate marketing, like others online or traditional business, needs investment of time and money.

What I’m showing, is just to start checking and testing how it works and what are the tools you’ll need if you decide to start an affiliate.

What Are The Tools You’ll Need?

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, you’ll need some tools to work with:

1- Affiliate Marketing Network:

You’ll need a subscription to one or more affiliate networks, where you can find the offers to promote and get your payout, like: MaxBouty, ClickDealer or ClickBank, …

2- Spy Tool:

Spy tools are not an extra or juicy tools, it’s a mandatory tool if you want to start an affiliate marketing business.

This is very important tool that helps you to spy and pick the best offers you can work on, also that gives you very clear idea how other affiliates are working.

With the spy tool, you’ll see the best performing offers started by you competitors, you can pick and download their landing pages, see the traffic sources they are using, …

I’m using almost Adplexity to spy on my competitor’s ads, it’s little bit expensive for a beginner, but you can use a similar one, SpyPush, cheaper and they have a free trial

3- Landing Pages:

Using SpyPush, you can easily “steal” your competitor’s landing pages and use them, you’ll need just update your link offer link.

If you don’t know how to do it, because it needs some technical skills to clean the page code from some scripts, I advise you to use PureLander, they have all the most profitable landing pages for all ads format and offers, you can update and edit them just by visual editor.

4- Traffic Source:

This is the most important part in all the process, to promote CPA marketing offers, you will need a traffic.

You can get a free traffic from facebook groups, forums, websites using SEO, you can start with as beginner just to see how the process is working.

But to start working and make money from CPA marketing, you’ll need a paid traffic source, so you can get a big number of visits and you can scale when you find a winning offer, the problem is that paid traffic source is little bit expensive for beginners, like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Taboola, but there is a good paid traffic source very cheap, and some of them are giving a free trial like: PPCMate you can start with, also they have a minimum deposit just 25$, MegaPush the first push notification platforms, also the famous PopAds, professionals of popups and pop under format, you can start with just 5$, and lot of others

5- Tracker:

While driving the traffic from the traffic source, you need to know witch source is converting well, witch one is not.

For example, if you create 2 campaigns on PPCMate, MegaPush or PopAds you can see a number of clicks and conversions on the affiliate dashboard, but you can not know from witch campaign the conversions are coming from, so you may lose money by keeping a non converting campaign running.

I’m using RedTrack for that video, they have 14 free trial, and very simple to use specially for beginners.

What Are You Waiting For?

So as you saw, you can start, at least to see and check how the affiliate marketing is working with free tool, don’t miss that.

I made a video for you, how to start step by step.

  • Grady R. says:

    I have to say Thank You for posting this. SO many feel that you have to drop big bucks to get affiliate marketing to work. Big bucks gets you there faster with less work. But if you don’t mind the grind you might as well give it a shot.