How to Nichify PLR Content

How to Nichify PLR Content
How to Nichify PLR Content

Even if you use PLR content just once, it’s a great time saver and a great investment. Now you’re about to discover how to squeeze even more cash out of your PLR content.


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Namely, by “nichifying” the content.

It works like this: You take a general topic and then rewrite the content. Now you have a new product that’s now aimed at a very narrow subset of the population.

Example: Let’s say you have PLR content on the main topic of Web Traffic. You can take this general ebook and rewrite it to appeal to owners of Amazon eCommerce style business… Or perhaps those providing ‘Local’ style services to SME business in their local community.

Later you can rewrite it again to appeal to those who want to sell Video Courses online. Then you can rewrite it again so that it appeals to main stream Internet Marketing… But for certain groups of people, such as kids or senior citizens.

In other words, you can turn one PLR resource into dozens of niche-specific products!

Here’s how…

Step 1: Look for Universal Topics

Your first step is to find PLR content on a universal topic such as Internet marketing, making money, self help or time management.

Tip: You can also find content on topics that have a lot of sub-niches, such as those described the examples above.

To find PLR content, run a search in Google for your topic alongside terms like PLR or private label content. For example, “Internet Marketing PLR” (not quotes).

Example: An ebook on “How To Get People To Visit Your Website” could become, “How To Fill Your Amazon Store With Amex Card Holders” or “How To Drive Thousands Of Visitors To Your eBay Auction Page” or “The Silver Surfers Guide To Website Promotion”

Step 2: Rewrite the Content

The next step is to “nichify” the content. This is where you use niche-specific references and jargon to transform your general topic into niche content.

A Niche Example: Let’s say you have a weight loss product this time. And let’s suppose you’re going to turn this product into “Weight Loss for WAHMs”(work at home moms). You could start by writing an introduction that talks about how sitting in front of the computer contributes to weight gain.

Then you can make references elsewhere to being a mom or working from home, such as:

  • Put celery sticks next to your computer as a healthy snack to munch on while you’re working.
  • You can get the kids to join you in your workout.
  • Between working online and chasing after the kids, you probably don’t feel like you have much time left over to exercise.

Another Niche Example: If you’re nichifying a general dog book so that it appeals to those who have poodles, then you’ll want to substitute the term“your poodle” in for some of the references to “your dog.” If your book includes a chapter on grooming, then you’d talk about the poodle’s unique coat. And if your book includes a chapter on health, then you’d make references to a poodle’s common health problems.

Step 3: Tweak the Sales Materials and Graphics

Lastly, you need to nichify your sales materials, web design and graphics.

Let’s go back to the weight loss for WAHMs product example. Here you can personalize your sales letter by creating a headline that includes the line,“Attention Work At Home Moms.” Then your sales letter should include references to being a mom and working from home.

Example: “It’s not your fault that you’re overweight. After all, how are you supposed to get exercise and eat well when you’re either taking care of the kids or working online? It’s hard. And that’s why I developed this weight loss plan just for women like you…”

That’s it – in just three easy steps you can turn a simple PLR product into an entirely new PLR product. And you can do this over and over for dozens of different niches, (Not Just IM Related PLR Material)!

It’s just another way to squeeze more cash out of any PLR content you license.

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