Tips on YouTube rankings for Affiliate Marketers (Part 1)

Youtube marketing is a very vibrant marketing strategy nowadays and it is helping many affiliate marketers to build their list, drive traffic to their websites/blogs and even making heavy commissions directly from youtube by linking from their videos straight to an affiliate product. But there is a mainstream cry especially from those starting out using youtube for affiliate marketing and that is youtube rankings. In this post, I will be sharing with you 10 tips that I use to make most of my videos stick on the first-page of youtube and Google.

How do you start your video campaign for higher YouTube rankings?

keyword research

Recently I came across a thread on warrior forum of someone asking  the question “Are keywords still important?”. Now if you have been doing online marketing for a while you might giggle after reading that. But it is still a part of marketing that most marketers simply neglect or have no idea why they have to do it.

Because keyword research is a complete topic on its own and also because different marketers do niche research in different ways I will just share with you what I use when doing a research for a niche video I want to rank on youtube.

Google Planner

I use this tool just to check if there is enough search for the main keyword I am going after.(for videos I go for 300-500 searches/m ).

Google/youtube  auto complete search bars

I have found out that this is actually a free but sleek way for looking longer phrases and variation of my main keyword. Phrases that I use when optimizing my youtube videos for ranking.Urbersuggest is a great tool to use for this process.

Google/Youtube  Trends

According to Google is now tracking trends on YouTube and Google News, and combining data from all three areas to determine which topics and stories are gaining the most traction.

I use the trends tool to stay on top of the latest in the industry. When using the Google trend tool you have to be a little creative. Looking for ways to integrate the content that are trending into your video campaign.

Q&A websites

Q&A websites are really powerful when doing research for your videos.They do not only help you find latest variations of your keyword that people are using presently, they also help you with the type of questions those looking for answers(your targeted audience) in that niche are asking.These sites will also help you with the content that you can also use when creating your video.

Here are a few example of Q&A sites

Now that is enough about Keyword research.Let’s go to the next step that will help rank your videos.

Creating the right type of video

Type of video

The type of videos produced when doing affiliate marketing with youtube play a great part to youtube ranking of the video too.  You probably most have seen it yourself when doing searches on Google that the following type of videos come up often.

  • How to videos.(exple; How to rank a youtube video…) How to” on YouTube are growing 70% year over year (according to
  • Review videos (exple; Product name REVIEW) This is a goldmine type of video for most affiliate marketer on youtube.
  • Sports related type of videos. These type of videos, are great for weight loss or sporting merchandises.

Make Your Video At Least 5-Minutes Long

I am not very sure about this but when you look at the direction Google is going with written content you will see that they like ranking contents that are 800 words or more. This is because they want their searches to get more value from their search than the case was a few years back.So the conclusion here is the longer the video the more google will think the video is providing value( providing value will definitely help with your conversion anyway, so why not do it?).

In addition when you do a search for any of the type of videos mentioned above you will see that the videos that appear on the first page are actually more than 5 minutes long.Which backs up the point of making videos that are longer that 5-minutes.

Following Youtube Quality video Metrics.

Youtube uses a set of metrics to determine the quality of a video which together helps with the ranking of Youtuberankinga video.These are metrics that youtube has stated are the things that influence their rankings.It is also because of these metrics that makes youtube a social media site. So let start by looking at the metrics and the things you have to do to achieve those metrics.

Here are the 5 youtube ranking metrics you have to consider for ranking your video.

Retention views:

A steady flow of daily views to your videos. The more and longer people watch your videos, the better.Youtube wants their videos to be watched (so why not use this as a ranking factor?)


After watching a video one way to share your views on the video is by leaving comments.By leaving comments, you are adding value to the video be it positive or negative. It also proves people are watching the video.(so why not use it for rankings?).


Another act of sharing a video to other medias is a clear signal that you found the video valuable and you want others to watch it too.The more people watch a video the more youtube is popular ( so why not make it a ranking metrics?)


By adding a video to your watch later  list, giving it a thumbs up are always to tell youtube what people think about a particular video.Thumbs down and flagging a video on the other also tells youtube what people are thinking about a video.(again why not use this to gagging the metrics of youtube ranking?)


This is no difference with the other metrics above.It just goes a long way to show youtube the after effects of what people think about a video.

After reading through the 5 youtube ranking metrics above it is fair to say that youtube is just trying to have the back of its viewers.So why not give the signals to youtube to help them put your videos where their viewers will easily find and watch it ( by simply ranking the video)

There are two major ways to do this, so your videos get views, get more comments, shares, favorited and even more subscriptions. In my next post, I will be sharing with you the two major ways to send youtube the signals they need for YouTube rankings without seeing your signals as being spamming. So come back for more on this topic.


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8 thoughts on “Tips on YouTube rankings for Affiliate Marketers (Part 1)

  1. Hi Boris,
    You have given us great guidelines on getting videos on YouTube. I still have not make my own videos except for the one required in the Quick Start Challenge but I plan on it in the future and this will be a great resource for me! Thanks for sharing all the good info 🙂

    • Barbara it will be wise to get down now and start doing this because until you start doing it, you will not understand why it is one of the most easiest and consistent set and forget free traffic you will ever get on your site beside ranking your blog post.

  2. Hi Boris,
    I use the same resources to check the keywords :)) and Q&A sites to see what people are looking for, then plan my next post or promotion. It gives you so many ideas for posts and the “obstacle – I don’t know what to blog about” is completely eliminated…. 🙂 thank you for your post, I am not into videos much but thanks to your post, I’ll dig deeper because it’s just worth it! Will be coming back for more! 🙂 Thanks!!!!

    • Q&A sites are sites full of information. You can use it for digging down into a particular niche as well as finding ideas for your next blog post.In my opinion, it is an underestimated source of info that most marketers haven’t or are still to find it’s potential.

  3. Good post Boris. Some good information there, some of it not so well known such as the keyword suggest method of finding keyword phrases.

    Looking forward to more from you.


    • Ja Kevin keyword suggest method is very powerful if you really want to get longtail keywords or phrases for either video marketing or blog post or just about any content you want easily rank on Google and the other search engines. I am glad you found it informative.

  4. I seriously need to get off my arse and start creating some Videos. I have the software, but still need to buy a decent microphone and web-cam for doing some ‘How To’ and ‘Review’ Videos. When it’s time to start uploading and ranking, I’ll be back for a refresher and to see your follow up posts on ranking videos, which I know nothing about yet (other than what I read above) – Thx

    • Hi Duane, Video is a source of traffic that I have seen first hand that many marketers either ignore, lazy to do, do not know it’s potential or in your case Know but probably do not have time to do it due to the many things that one have to undergo when it comes to being a webmaster. Thanks for passing by.