Should You Be Using a Pen Name On Your Blog/Website?

Should You Or Should YOU Not Use A Pen Name On Your Blog/ Website 

Pen name on my Blog or not



After completing my last challenge on the QSC couching Program I decided to do some blog hopping (blog commenting) which was an assignment given to us in the QSC.As I was doing that I would take a break by hanging out in the QSC Facebook Group. That is how I came across this topic posted by one of the members. It did cause quite a stir in the group with many people coming up with their own opinion on whether or not one should be using a pain name on their blog/website.

The Opinions of Some of the QSC Group Members

As I read through all the various opinions I noticed there where many in favor of using a pen name. Here is one from Marei Di that caught my attention and I Quote

Some of the best and most successful authors owe their success to using a pen name instead of their real name, for various reasons, mostly to do with their “target market”. J.K. Rowling extensively explained the choice of “J.K.” was intended to not divulge she was a woman, back when she was first published, because publishers and book marketers explained it would be better for sales that way.

George Eliot and George Sand were woman who would never have been published if they had used their own names. Others do it and did it for all the reasons listed above. Balzac himself published his first novels under a pen name, until he gained recognition…. All this to say that contrary to what you seem to think, a pen name or pseudonym doesn’t mean people aren’t dealing with a real person. I could list quite a few marketers using their real names who are treating their “crowd” with so very little respect that if they ever become serious, they will most likely have to start using a pseudo or work very, very hard to overcome their bad reputation.

Now I did not know all that which goes to show you how much I am learning from this group alone. There were others with different views too. I will not be quoting any here but generally they thought using a pen name on your blog/ website is being deceitful to your audiences.

My research on the topic

It was quite an interesting debate that intricated me to do a little research on the topic and this is what I came out with.

When You Should and Shouldn’t Use a Pen Name

If you have been writing on particular genres or niche and you want to switch to a different niche, using a pen name will make the transition easier for people who are already your followers. For example if you were involved in a weight loss niche, it will be easier for you to transit to say making money online niche using a pen name.

There are many names from different countries or tribes that are way too difficult to pronounce let alone writing in plain English. If you have one of such names using a pen name will make things better for your readers or audience.

I got this one from Kristen Jett from Just google “teacher fired for writing book” and you would be shucked at the results displayed by Google. Go ahead try it now if you want. That is right many have lost their jobs by simply writing books with their real names. That is why if you think your writing will affect your offline job or carrier using a pen name will be advisable but make sure you start the process from the point of registering you domain name. It might cost a little but it is worth it.


The list of reason may be endless. However I admit there are a few reasons for not using a pen name for example you might not feel good when people start talking or giving credit to your pen name than your real name for the work you put out. That is why you have to take in to consideration such out comes before using a pen name.

Now in my humble opinion being deceitful is not one of the main reasons for using a pen name because deceitful people will still be deceitful using their real name or not. It is a point of character that goes with such people. If you are a deceitful person using a pen name thinking you are using it to hide from the bad things you are doing think again. Come-on we are no more in the dark ages, there are many ways to trace your digital footprints nowadays.

Coming out clear

I for one I am using a pen name on this blog my real name is Winston Fuhngwa but I use Boris Qs on this blog and many other platforms that relates to this blog.I am not using Boris Qs because I want to deseive any one. Here is why. If you have read the about page of this blog or if you have been following this blog you most have understood that I am sharing what I had been doing using free platforms to make money as an affiliate and my present experience in taking that to the next level. That means I have been involved in many different niches with my real name before and this is my first time embarking in the make money niche which brings me under the genres switching I mentioned above.

It also includes some personal reason I really do not want to talk about here but let’s just say my wife recently made clear of certain point about persing this business that I do respect. Hope I do not get a fight with her this night or later on when she comes across this post.

To wrap up this topic I think using a pen name or not on your blog or website is a very personal decision with no right or wrong.

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BorisQs is an affiliate marketer who wants to share what he has been learning online, using his unique styleof simplifying thing so you including his 65-year-old African mother will Understand.

He is also doing this so you and again his mother can use it to make money online. He thinks this is the only way to proof that this is a legit business.
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18 thoughts on “Should You Be Using a Pen Name On Your Blog/Website?

  1. Hi Boris,

    Excellent topic to write on! It’s great for getting comments! Personally, I can see both ways– each having their own advantage. Using your own name is building your personal brand and respect. If you are marketing in several niches and the niche is profitable but you personally do not want to be associated with it, might be best to use the pen name…ie a woman writing a blog on a topic that would traditionally be something a guy might write about or visa versa. Or you are a writer part time and there would be a conflict of interest or the topic might jeopardize your job (as with the teacher), by all means use the pen name. I like the look and feel of your blog. There are a few typos in your blog…I notice things like that because I have two daughters who are teachers! Ah, that might be another reason to use a pen name… LOL 🙂 As I said in opening this comment…the subject is a good one for getting comments! I wish you success with your blogging!

    • Thank you Barbara for sharing your opinion on this topic. Just to set the record straight it was not with the intention of having many comments. I wrote in the post what inspired me to write on this topic.LOL

  2. Hi, Boris –
    This is a topic that I have heard much on from both sides. I personally think that the only reason a person should use a pen name or alias on their site is only for establishing a ‘brand’. There’s a prominent marketer that has done this and if you watch many webinars you will have come across his name…Michael X. He’s a knowledgeable guy and is a business associate of some of my marketing friends. BUT…until I knew of those business associations, I had a pretty high level of distrust because it seemed like a way for him to hide from customers. So it has a downside. I don’t see a downside to using your own name unless you’re going to be involved in shady business practices. I’ll stick with my real name. I have nothing to hide.
    Have a great day!

    • Hi, Bernard When you say and I quote ” to using your own name unless you’re going to be involved in shady business practices.” I do not know if you are referring to me directly or just generaly but I will try to answer that. First if you were interested to know me you would have read the about page.secondly If I was involved in any shady business I will not be writing about a topic like this.I do not know if that makes sense.if you made that statement generally it just shows that you did not even read the post. You were just interested in writing a comment expressing or should I say imposing your opinion. It was, however, great having you here.

  3. Hi Winston.
    Personally I believe that a good business online is based on credibility. Having a pen name, if you are not in situations like J.K.Rowling, for me is not so good: I want to be known as Riccardo Romano, expert in hangout marketing and video making. I don’t want others to refers at me as “the video guy” or “the hangout man” or similia.
    As you said, it’s a matter of personal choice.

  4. Hi Boris, this is a rather polarizing topic – people either think one or the other extreme, there rarely seems to be a middle ground. 🙂

    I would say that, as an internet marketer, one would probably venture into a number of very different niches (IM and dating/relationships, for example) at some point in time, where going into the unrelated niche with the same name might be an obstacle from the start.

    I’d say that one should choose their primary niche in which they would be comfortable using their own name and stick with it. Any experiments with unrelated niches might be wiser under a pen name, as you can even damage the brand of your primary niche if you use same names in unrelated niches.

    My 2c only. 🙂 Interesting blog, best of luck with your business!

  5. Hello Boris,

    This is a great blog post for generating discussion. It never crossed my mind to use a pen name as I was not familiar with doing so. My opinion on it is I don’t see a problem with using one. Actors, singers, and a host of other industries have people that don’t use their real names. Given the choice though, I prefer using my name for establishing my brand. That’s my two cents on the matter.

    • That is also a good example you pointed out there Chris.Actors and singers do that all the time.Thanks for bringing that up and I respect your choice.

  6. Hi Boris,

    It’s an interesting topic. One with many differing opinions too. However, you can’t argue with the idea to have a pen name when your an authority in many different niches. It can give more credablity and avoid confusion among the readers. Great website!

  7. Hello Boris,

    Good luck with keeping this new online activity a domestic secret.

    I think you have pointed out the most important reason for using a pen name, personal security whether that is job security or from the type of regime you are currently living under. Until you can afford to come clean about your true identity it maybe wise to create a false persona that is carefully planned to avoid detection by the persistent fan.


    • I am happy people like you, Igor acknowledges it too, thanks for your time and efforts coming over to give me some reassurance.

  8. Hi there Boris,

    An interesting post you have typed up about pen names.

    Another idea that I have seen some people do online which can be good, is turning your name into different nicknames for different niches.

    For example my real first name is Shane, but I could use Shaneman, Shanester, Shaner, for different niches.

    • That is a good Idea I can see that is actually what you are doing.I will consider that when next I want to switch to a different niche