How do marketers successfully drive floods of traffic from forums?

How to Use Forum Posting To Drive Floods of Readers to Your Blog/website.

A great way to start driving a good number of readers to your blog or website is by participating on forum strategyspecific niche forums. I guess you have heard that many times before. You could also reach a good  number of people with Search Engine Optimization when done right and Pay per Click advertising too – but why go looking for traffic from scratch or spending money when you are not sure of its return on investment (ROI). With Forum Posting you are simply tapping into an already existing flood of traffic that is targeted to your niche.

To be honest, I haven’t done much of forum marketing before, which is because I did not understand how that will bring in more readers or eyeballs to my landing page. I mean considering the strict rules of not promoting one’s business in a post, a rule that is enforced by most forums. I tried doing it none the less, and as you might guess, I failed at it. Probably due to the promotional mentality I started off with.

This time I decided to give it a try again and after just a week of posting just 15 short helpful posts I started seeing a few visits from the warrior forum which is the forum I started with this time around. The visits have been growing as I keep  posting and sharing what I think can help others.

This improvement has been as a result of a little research I did before registering on the warrior forum. I wanted to find out what I had been doing wrong and what I could do to improve my forum marketing strategy. To my surprise it has been just the simple things that I was overlooking that made the difference. In this post I will be sharing with you some of the things I learned in the course of my research. So let’s get started.

What are online forums

According to Wikipedia (

An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posting messages. They differ from chat rooms in that messages are often longer than one line of text, and are at least temporarily archived.

Internet marketers like to define it as big authority sites that get tons of traffic and have many loyal or targeted members.

How to find  forums in your niche that are active

Now that you know a little about what forums are you might be wondering how you can find the forums in the niche you are targeting. Finding the right search result on say Google or any other search engine requires that you type in the right search words that will make it easy for that search engine to give you exactly what you are looking for. So that is why having the right search strings will help you easily find the right forums that target the niche you are looking for. Here below are a couple of search strings you can use on Google to find your targeted niche.

“Keyword”+”forum”(depending on your niche this search string works well sometimes not)

Keyword+”powered by vbulletin” (vbulletin is a software used for creating and managing forums)

keyword+”hot thread” (most forums use the words hot threads to show their popular threads)

How to evaluate if the forum is worth your time

After finding a couple of forums in your niche it would be worthless registering in any of the forums, if there are actually not very many people actively participating in them right. That is why it is important to make sure you are entering a niche forum that you can start posting and having feedbacks from others who are interested. To do that you would want to go through the post and look when the last post was posted. This will give you a picture how active the forum is.

Forum activity 2

What you should take note of when registering an account

Now that you have found a forum that you will like to participate in, it is important to pay close attention to these two main factors.

The importance of choosing the right profile name

It is important to use a name that is associated with your site. This way those who will be coming from the forum as you start to participate will easily recognize that the content that the link led them to is actually your content. Remember that the forum readers click through to your blog because they want to read more of your content. So having a name like “Monting AKA 007” in the forum when the name you use on your blog is say Boris QS will only make your forum leads to click away because it is harder for them to associate the blog to the name in the forum. Also, using a name that is memorable is an additional plus.

The importance of having a Forum Signature (Sig)

The forum signature is a block of information that automatically appears at the bottom of each forum post you make. The kind of information allowed in this block can be: a plain text, link or image.

It is important to look at this as a small ad block that leads people back to your site so it is important to make use of it by enabling that feature. You have to understand too that this feature in some forums will require you to make a good number of posts before it will be enabled. (For warrior forum it is 10 posts).

Participating in the forum

This is where many people get it wrong including me when I just started forum posting. I use to go in forums looking for ways just to get people to click on my link. Most readers can easily see through those corning efforts to pull them to your blog/sites and they will avoid you and your Link. Instead, if you start participating with the mentality of helping those who are asking for help, many, including those who are just visiting the thread will find your post valuable and they will easily click through to check out if you have more on the topic or another topic that will help them in their endeavors. So look for topics that you are knowledgeable in and provide value.

It is also advantageous if you are one of the first to reply to questions being asked. Being one of the first will ensure you are at the top position of the thread which will bring in more eyeballs to your signature as compared to when your contribution is down below the thread. However, if you find an old post that you have some additional value to contribute, do it. This will bring back some visitors who are still subscribed to the thread to read the latest if they are still interested in the topic. Most often those coming back to an old post will just scan through to the latest post on that topic, thereby exposing your forum sig even more.

Another way of getting even more traffic back to your site is by starting your own thread. That way anyone who clicks through to read that post will be exposed to your sig. You can start a thread by sharing  tips or just asking a question you want some answers to.

Following these simple but effective steps and being consistent in your participation will start bringing in more traffic. If you have any other tip on forum posting or the strategy as a whole, do not forget to drop it below in the comment box I will love to learn more from anyone willing to share. If not, just drop down what you think about this post. Just do not leave without your voice heard.

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BorisQs is an affiliate marketer who wants to share what he has been learning online, using his unique styleof simplifying thing so you including his 65-year-old African mother will Understand.

He is also doing this so you and again his mother can use it to make money online. He thinks this is the only way to proof that this is a legit business.
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12 thoughts on “How do marketers successfully drive floods of traffic from forums?

  1. Hi Boris,

    I have done a little forum marketing before – but i will be getting back into it again shortly.

    I have a little tip for the Warrior Forum that I learned from a well known internet marketer and can be applied to other forums too.

    Sometimes a forum can put restrictions on you or ban you if you get carried away by posting too often.

    Not sure how many posts others here are making each day on a forum but as a general rule – aim for no more than 5 helpful posts a day on a forum – this should be fine with the forum owners.

    Also on a forum you want to post helpful comments,tips and advice more so than just asking questions.

    You want people to believe that your a helpful, friendly person who they can learn from.

    • Hi Shaneman, nice to see you here again. In my own opinion forums with such rules are doing that to restrict those who are there just for siglinkng in other words siglink-scammers.I do not think providing real value where it’s needed will get you banned. But thanks again for the tip it is worth considering

  2. Whats up this is somewhat of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use
    WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding know-how so I wanted
    to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would
    be greatly appreciated!

    • That all depends on which blogging platform you decide to use.But most platforms nowadays, especially WordPress which I am using offers WYSIWYG making it easy for anyone with no coding know-how like myself to blog.

  3. Hi BorrisQS

    Your about comments made me laugh.

    Great post. I think my biggest takeaway from it is choosing the right profile name. It seems obvious choosing a name that is closely connected to your niche , but to be honest, it’s something I have never really thought about before. When I have registered on forums in the past I have always used an unrelated name.

    Maybe that’s where I have been going wrong?


    • I am glad you could take away something from the post. It is just some of those simple things like building the connection from the post you make in a forum to your site that can make a difference between those succeeding with forum marketing and those failing

  4. Hey Boris,
    Quite fitting to read this post as I came across your blog from the Warrior Forum :).

    Keep up the good work man and loving the design.

    Take it easy,

    • How nice, a clear proof that forum marketing works like magic. Nice having you here Mike and I am happy you love the design too

  5. I love the description of yourself – to explain things in a way your mother would understand – I think if you can manage to do this, you have a skill which you could sell to others in a similar position!

    I had not done much forum marketing either until recently, and have had some success with it – my problem is the lack of time I have to do the day to day community building. I am writing a product and feel that this is my best way to an online income – and am having to be a but ruthless with how I spend my time.

    It is however the sort of job we can pencil in to moments when we only have a few minutes, maybe when we are travelling or waiting for things. It also doesn’t take a silent room and huge concentration either. I will try and find more time for it in the next few weeks, following your reminder of what a traffic source it is.

    • I can understand the commitments Ant, It is really not easy trying to all this and still have enough time for your loved ones, plus the fact that you are writing a product makes it much more difficult. I appreciate you passing by here.Anyway like it is said Rome wasn’t build in a day, I know you are an action taker and you will find time to engage and help others in the forums too.Take care for now and I wish you the best with your new product.