Do You Really Know Who Your Targeted Audiences are?

How do you know the most asked questions in your niche?  The most common problems your targeted audiences are facing.

As an affiliate marketer or any online marketer for that matter, it iTargeted Niches always important to know who your targeted audience is. What their burning needs are or their most common problems. By knowing this information, you will be putting your business in a better position to help them (your audience) solve their problem easily. By giving them what they are looking, you will easily be executing the formula KLF (known, liked and with time trust). Now that right there is the winning formula. It is only after your audiences know, like and trust you that they can become a loyal customer, or fans who will be willing to buy the products you promote as an affiliate at your recommendation and make you money as an affiliate consistently and dependably.

But the question here is, how you as an affiliate or a marketer is going to have your audience Know, Like, and trust you or your business. How would you even get to know, let alone identify and build a persona that will tightly position your content to them so they can start knowing, liking and eventually trusting you or your business? That is what we will start addressing in this post.

Marketing Statistics, have proven that keyword research is the best place to start. That is because it is through researching your main niche that you will start getting into the technical words people in your chosen niche use.

Keyword Research

Now this is a good place to always start any affiliate or marketing campaign you want to embark on. Keyword research will give you a variety or words, phrases, the actual search terms in your niche that people enter into the search engines when conducting a search. These are the words, phrases you will be using to do further research on your audience and use even when creating the content to target the audience.

How to Research Keywords for Your marketing Strategy

Step 1: Make a list of important, relevant topics based on what you know about your business.

Step 2: Fill in those topic buckets with keywords.

Step 3: Research related search terms.

Step 4: Check for a mix of head terms and long-tail keywords in each bucket.

5: See how competitors are ranking for these keywords.

Step 6: Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to cut down your keyword list

And you are done.

You can read more about the detailed steps here at

Forum Research

Forums are also a  good place to start if you want to understand your audiences. It is a place to know those questions that they are asking for solutions. This is also where you can start helping them to solve some of the problems, so they can get to know like and eventually trust you.

Recently I wrote a post about Forum Posting and although it was a post that shows the basics of driving traffic back to your content online, you can still learn a lot from that post. For example

  1. How to find forums in your niche that are active
  2. How to evaluate if the forum is worth your time
  3. The right practices when participating in forums
  4. And much more

You should also note you are allowed to ask the forum members of your niche what their main problems are. You will be shocked at the response you will receive.

Research on Q&A (Questions and Answer) sites

Q&A sites are also a good place to search for more info on the type of questions or problems your targeted market is facing. Yahoo answer is a good example of such sites. All you have to do is head over to yahoo answer and type in one of those keywords or phrases you got during the keyword research. And you will get a good number of questions that will help you in your research of finding your audience persona. Click here to get 10 Awesome Q&A Sites that Answers peoples Burning Questions

Survey Research

At the time of writing this blog post, I haven’t started testing this strategy yet, but I have participated in many surveys of other marketers. Surveys can be a powerful way to know who your audiences are and what their burning problems are.

It is as simple as creating a survey asking people simple questions that will help you get to know their needs in relation to the niche you want to target. For those who already run a blog the process is even easier. There are plugins that will help you create a survey in less than 10 minutes.

For those who do not have a blogging platform yet, there are several survey programs (like Survey Monkey and Poll Daddy) which have the option that helps you with this. You can actually create a survey on this site for free. After creating your survey all you have to do next is copy the given link and start sharing or promoting them on popular social media sites in your niche. Again, some survey programs have a code that lets you embed the survey easily into Facebook. Post your survey on LinkedIin, Post a short video on YouTube explaining why you created the survey and encouraging your audience to take a few minutes to complete it. Give your viewers the URL and also post a link under your video on YouTube.

You don’t need hundreds of responses for a survey to be valuable. You can learn about who your audience is from just a few people filling out these questions.

Check out your competition.

After deciding which niche to follow, you can start investigating your competitors who have been in your niche for long. The type of content, products or services they produce. This is because most often they have already done the hard work. However, I will like to say you shouldn’t go out after the same market like your competition. Instead, look for the niche market that your competition is overlooking and capitalize on that.

Here is another sneaky way of getting what your targeted niche is looking for, another way to help you get even more data to build a persona for your business.  Head over to Google … in the search box, type “Most FAQ Your Niche” replacing the word “your niche” with the keyword you are targeting. You will be presented with discussion forums, Q&A pages that are related to your keyword.

Finding out what your target market needs and your audience persona, will help direct you to what content, products and services you need to create to fill the demand of your audience. Also, those participating in your surveys, the sites I mentioned above like the forums, Q&A sites, are all your biggest potential customers. That is because you will be providing them with a solution of their burning problems.

Here is a report that will help you build on these strategies, so you can start making a consistent and dependable affiliate marketing Commissions that will help grow your business.

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8 thoughts on “Do You Really Know Who Your Targeted Audiences are?

    • Keyword research is the core of any successful business and understanding it will help you serve your audience even better.I am glad you found value in it.

  1. Wow, you certainly have packed a ton of valuable information into one short blog! You certainly show the importance of knowing the customer you are trying to help by doing the research. BTW, I also like your writing style where you give examples and/or places to go to read more. Finally, you have your opt-in form at the end…what a perfect call to action! Great posting Boris! Looking forward to the next one…I really learn so much. Thanks!

    • This topic is one of the most critical for most affiliate marketers that is why I am trying to put all I know about the topic hoping to help any one out there I am glad you did learn something from it. Thanks Barbara for passing by

  2. A good post on an important subject Boris. I particularly like your suggestions for using YouTube with surveys.

    One of the problems with working online is you can spend so long at a computer in a room on your own that you can lose sight of the fact your audience is made up of real people. It’s a newbie mistake to come up with an idea for a product and overlook the option of finding their audience and running the idea past them. Instead they build the product then find out nobody’s interested. It’s always better to discover what your audience wants and react to that.

    • Hi David, I have actually been a victim of that. That is why I love sharing to my readers in the form of writing in this blog some of the areas I have been failing in so they might learn and don’t fall in the same situation. Thanks for bringing that up

  3. Hi Boris,
    you have outlined perfect strategies to super target your content to your audience. I cannot agree more with what you’re saying in your article. Besides, I have gained a couple of golden nuggets here that I am going to apply right away! Thank you, my friend! 🙂