Are you using the right Autoresponder for your business?

Week three of the QSC was on Monday this week and as I had expected it was about List building. If you have been following my posts on the challenge you will recall that last week’s challenge was about making videos. As I learned from many of the members in the group creating a video was the one thing that really defined the word challenge for them. Well, this week List building is defining the word challenge for me.

mailmanYou see I have known for a long time now that list building is a very important part of building a successful business online. I actually have tried it a few times but failed woefully all the times. By following this challenge, I actually do understand now why I did fail in building a list. Now I can take hours writing about the excuses and unfulfilled promises I kept on saying to myself that all resulted to my failure, but every one of the reasons came down to one point and one point only “Focus”. So I will not waste you time with all the details, instead I will like to share with you what I have been learning about autoresponders which is the main tool for list building.

What is an autoresponder and why is it important to grow your business

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mails sent to it. The first mail responders were created within mail transfer agents that found they could not deliver an e-mail to a given address.  I did not know how they were created, just picked it up from Wikipedia as I was doing my research on this topic.

If you ask any top affiliate marketers or online marketers, they all will tell you, if you want to make good, steady and passive income online you’ll need some form of a mail responder. It simply helps you market effectively.

How does Auto-responders work?

Here are just a few thing you can use an autoresponder for, to build your relationship with your readers and as a result bust your marketing efforts online.

Autoresponders are used by online marketers to send out emails ranging from the first welcome sequence for new subscribers, to conducting their market research by sending out surveys and interactive content. Some marketers out there have started to miss use it too by sending only promotional content to their subscribers. A couple of promotional content now and then is Ok but some are just basically spamming the leads with it which is not cool at all but that is just my opinion.

Remember, every time you send your readers a piece of useful content, you deepen the relationship with them. They start knowing, liking, and trusting you even better. When they feel they already know like and trust you recommending a product to them makes the process a breeze.

What to look for in an Autoresponder

Before my research this week I tried to evaluate different autoresponder features.I had no idea which features to look for in an autoresponder. They all kind of sound the same to me. So if you are in the same situation right now here are 4 important  features you should be looking for in an autoresponder.


First you want to make sure it has the potential of delivering your email effectively to your readers because that is the only way you can start building that relationship with your reader and may be making some money from them along the line.


Sometimes using autoresponders can be a little intimidating and frustrating for newbies. That can range from setting up a simple campaign to actually copying the code generated from the service and pasting it where you want on your website. What I have also noticed is that not all autoresponder services do allow transferring of contact from another service. At least not without you sending another confirmation mail to the contacts who had already confirmed to get in your list. So it is wise to check for those services which are not complicated to use and will allow you transfer your contacts if you already have one without you ask every single person on your list to confirm their email address again.


Tracking the emails you send out will help you make smart decisions concerning your business. With no tracking device or a means to import one, you will just be doing a guess work and we all know guessing is not a good practice when doing business.


Getting leads on your list is not as easy as many will want you to believe. It can take quite a while to build and grow your list. Paying for the responder service every month without you getting any leads make the whole list building process even worst. This was one of my drawbacks when it came to list building online in the beginning. There are autoresponder services out there that can get the basic job done for a relatively cheap price.  Here below are the pricing plan for the most common ones that marketers use.

Pricing Plan For the most commonly used Autoresponders

Subscribers5001,000 2,500 5,00010,0002,500
AWeber $19.00 $29.00 $29.00 $49.00 $69.00 $149.00
GetResponse $15.00 $15.00 $25.00 $45.00 $65.00 $105.00
IContact $14.00 $19.00 $29.00 $47.00 $74.00 $109.00
Benchmark Email $11.95 $18.95 $28.95 $46.95 $73.95 $120.95
MailChimp $10.00 $15.00 $50.00 $50.00 $75.00 $150.00
Vertical Response $8.80 $17.60 $26.40 $44.00 $66.40 $128.00

I f you already have an autoresponder you will want to Check out the awesome secrets revealed in 5 Killer Funnel Tips! (Free Download No Optin needed)

Which autoresponder service am I using? You may be wondering. Well,  after taking all the above features into consideration and looking at where I want to take my business to I decided to go with Getresponse. I think it is worth mentioning too that at Getresponse when they say your first 30 days are free that means they do not ask for any credit card info  just a genuine and honest 30-day free trial. Something that the others do not do.

For those who have been following my progress on the QSC , as you already know this weeks challenge was to create an opt-in form. Here is mine, I created a sidebar opt-in form which you can find at the top right-hand side of this post as well as a squeeze page which you can find here


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8 thoughts on “Are you using the right Autoresponder for your business?

  1. Hi Boris,
    finally someone has made autoresponders crystal clear! From what I see, I am switching to GR :)) will have to do so this week at the latest! A very good post for me! Thank you for taking the time to make it this clear to everyone! 😉

  2. Hey Boris Q! What a splendid job of comparing autoresponders! Your blog posts are very enjoyable reading and you really do make things simple to understand…hopefully your mother!

  3. Hello Nwga

    Like you I have built lists and killed lists, in part due to them being from low quality sources and in part due to me not being focused enough to provide them consistent value.

    This is what the QSC has taught us, to schedule time for our priority tasks, so we know what to focus on and thus what to ignore during each week.

    Great to see another person completing the challenges


    • Hi Igor, thanks for passing by, I had already figured out you probably have gone through something like this after checking out your profile on the warrior forum. You are right the QSC has helped with my focusing syndrome.Lets see where it takes me to